Good news! AIMIX recently exported another set of clay brick machines. We have always sold hydraulic brick machines , but in order to meet customer special needs, our engineers have developed clay brick machines suitable for customer engineering. A few days ago, our clay brick machine has begun to Mexico. Let’s understand some basic conditions of the clay brick machine.

 product quantity 300X150X100mm  4pcs/mold
Power 11KW
Cycle 10s
 Weight 1500KG
 shift capacity 11000pcs
Host overall size 216X140X210cm
Rated pressure  16MP


We apply imported PLC intelligent control system (touch screen microcomputer control) in the whole product technology to realize human-machine dialogue, which makes the operation simpler and more convenient. The computer controls the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system, so that the products reach high density and strength. In terms of product quality, the body uses special steel structure and special welding technology, as well as the use of high-quality supporting components to ensure that the brick machine equipment is more stable and reliable under long-term high-load operation.

Use different raw materials

Clay brick machine is suitable for producing various specifications of hollow bricks from shale, coal gangue, clay and other raw materials. The machine adopts the upper and lower structure. The upper and lower transmissions are all national standard reducer and axial pneumatic clutch. The body is welded by steel plate. The surface of the reamer is spray-welded with abrasion-resistant materials to prolong its service life. Rugged and easy to operate.

Clay brick machine is suitable for producing hollow bricks with low plastic raw materials such as shale, coal gangue, high content fly ash, and poor soil. Therefore, the machine has the advantages of strong practicability, small investment and quick results, and is an ideal equipment for brick production.

If you also need such a machine, contact us now: .

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