Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.












World Image Press is an international independent press organization, born in the yar 2002. It is designated to spread a more human point of view of what is happening around the world and to open new ways for opinions which are supported by the international right included in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 19)

W.I.P.. is not bound, and does not want to be bound to any political party, religious association or media group. We are not dependent on any bank, any consortium or any multinational company. We do not belong to any governmental organization or trade union. We receive no money from any public or private institution.

W.I.P. Is a new concept of press agency, which was created by several professional on image and opinion, located in different parts of the world and united and motivated by social events "against the war" in Iraq have emerged in the year 2003, especially the lack of clarity in many international media on the matter. W.I.P. will be always on the side of peace and freedom, rejecting and being very critical of any kind of violence, repression, censorship and social or political repression, no matter the political tendency. coming from the right orleft..

The headquarters of the agency is located in Mexico D.F.

The agency
W.I.P. (Agency) acts like any other agency, but try to disseminate aspects of the news unusual or images that capture the reality from a different angle, it appears or not required or "required" by some media that meet objectives commercial or political.

The Web
www.worldimagepress.org IS NOT a digital newspaper. It is the meeting point for the review. A place where he could hear other voices, other versions of what happened, a window to find the human side of what is happening in our environment and that can be accessed free of charge from anywhere in the world thanks to new technologies.

World Image Press can direct, produce or co produce documentaries as long as the documentaries will be useful to clarify or to throw light on current issues, searching for the truth and studying them in depth. They must be documentaries free of any kind of manipulation and unconnected with created interests.
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Protest "No to war " Madrid 2003 - Photo WIP

Nowadays, information has turned into a new element to manipulate the mind. It is difficult to find any means of communication free from any interference from political or economical forces. That is the reason why we believe that a counterweight is required to balance and to yield way for other opinions. Our organization, on the contrary to other news agencies, gives the “opinion” in order to let the reader compare and find out the truth above the interests of power, which a lot of times are contrary to the circulation of the reality. ..





World Image Press / Agencia de prensa Internacional